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Old English/Middle-English/Early Modern English/Modern English

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Q: What are the four stages of the English language?
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How is the word 'this' used in the English Language?

I do believe that "this" is a four letter word in the English language which is used as a preposition.

Give four characteristics of standard English?

"Give four characteristics of standard English?"

What were the four languages spoken in Aramaic?

Aramaic is a language. It is the only language spoken in Aramaic, just as English is the only language spoken in English.

List and discuss the four language skills in English language?

Ability to write clearly and effectively

What are the 3 major stages of the English language?

They are: Old English ( often called Anglo-Saxon), Middle English ( 12th to 15th Century ) and Modern English ( beginning roughly with Shakespeare).

What is the only number where the number of letters in its name is equal to its value?

In the English language, it is four.

How is Chinese language different from the English language?

The Chinese Language is different from English because in Chinese, there is no set alphabet. Also, Chinese is a tonal language, having four tones in the Mandarin Dialect.

Four letter words ending in tee?

None in the English language.

Who was the inventor of English language and who was the first to use the English language?

Natural languages such as English are not invented. There was no one person who created the language and no one person who first used it. Modern English developed over time from Middle English, which developed from French and Old English (or Anglo-Saxon). And French developed through various stages from Latin with some Germanic influences.

When was The Four Stages of Cruelty created?

The Four Stages of Cruelty was created in 1751.

Is it compulsory to include English in best of four in DU?

One language is compulsory

What word in the English language has one consonant followed by four vowels?