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education, level of income, gender, culture, religious beliefs, health services, e.t.c

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Q: What are the five major determinants of health?
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Which of these is one of the five determinants of health?

Which of these is one of the five determinants of health

What are major determinants of interpersonal behavior?

The major determinants of organisational behaviour

What is one of the five determinants of health?

Scientists generally recognize five determinants of health of a population:Biology and genetics. Examples: sex and age.Individual behavior. Examples: alcohol use, injection drug use (needles), unprotected sex, and smoking.Social environment. ...Physical environment. ...Health services.Reference: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What are major determinants of organisational behavior?

There are three major determinants of organizational behavior. These three determinants are the people, the organizational structure, and the technology involved.

What are the biological determinants of health?

The organic makeup of a person has a lot to do with the determinants of ones health. This consists of the genes that one inherits from his or her ancestors.Ê

What are social determinants?

The social determinants of health are the processes that create, enforce or maintain social inequalities. By contrast, the structural determinants of health, are the resources by which people can control the conditions of their life, through things like income, education, healthy environments, supportive communities etc.

What are the major determinants of success in the hotel business?

The major determinants of success in the hotel business is great customer service. Other qualities would be enthusiasm, being a team player, and having good communication skills.

Major determinants of organizational behavior?

Organization as a system formal and informal organization

What major components of health communication?

The major components of the health communication process are interdependence, shared meaning, personal goals, process and sensitivity. All five are a must in order to achieve the most effective health communication.

What is the determinants of price elasticity of demand?

the major determinants of price elasticity of demand Use own your own help and VU handouts, and listen to VU lecture carefully

What is the definition of community health center?

Community health is a branch of public health that focuses on people and their role as determinants of their own and other people's health in contrast to environmental health, which focuses on the physical environment and its impact on people's health.

What are motivators and determinants?

What is a Motivants and Determinants