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There are several factors that influence group behavior. The most common factor is a need to follow the leader. Most groups will have a common leader.

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dr larkin please repeat the experiment

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Q: What are the factors influencing group behaviour?
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Which two main factors are said to be instrumental in influencing your behavior?

Genetics and environment are two main factors that are said to influence behavior. Genetics refer to the traits passed down from parents, while environment encompasses the surroundings, experiences, and social influences that shape behavior. Both factors interact in complex ways to shape individuals' actions and choices.

What has the author Maria Mathews written?

Maria Mathews has written: 'Factors influencing patient care seeking behaviour in primary care'

Which two main factors said to be instrumental in influencing our behaviour?

The two main factors said to be instrumental in influencing our behavior are genetics and environment. Genetics refers to our inherited traits and predispositions, while environment includes our surroundings, experiences, and interactions that shape and influence our behavior. Both factors interact to contribute to our unique behaviors and personalities.

Factors influencing register?

There are three factors influencing register they are: field, mode and tenor.

What is the group of people who interact formally or informally influencing each others attitude and behaviour?

This group is known as a social group. Social groups can range from small friend circles to larger communities or societies, and they play a significant role in shaping individual attitudes and behaviors through various forms of interaction and influence.

What does influencing factors mean?

Factors that influence. Tehe

Identify factors influencing a microorganism'scapability to produce an infectious process?

Factors influencing a microorganism's capability to cause an infectious process include the microorganism's virulence factors, its ability to evade the host immune system, host factors such as immunity and underlying health conditions, environmental factors like temperature and humidity, and the route of transmission. Genomic variability and antibiotic resistance can also impact an organism's ability to cause disease.

What are influencing factors in kite flying?


What are factors influencing policy making?

There can be plenty of factors influencing policy making in a country. Some are: geographical factors. socio-economic factors. multiculturalism. plurality of the country. castesim. class differences. poverty and backwardness.

What are the factors influencing the ward management?

· Factors affecting ward management

General factors influencing reality?

Is there anything that doesn't?

What factors influencing the group of learners outside the classroom?

factors influence the grouping of learners in the classroom are there different interests that make them comfortable to mingle with some and not all learners. age, racial or ethnic groups can also be considered.