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Length-153 ft. 9.6 in. Diameter-27 ft. 7.2 in.

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Q: What are the external fuel tank dimensions for the space shuttle?
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What is the external tank used for on a space shuttle?

the external tank carries the fuel

What was the cause of the challenger expolsion?

The Challenger Explosion was caused by an external tank explosion. The space shuttle broke apart due to gasses mixing in the external fuel tank. The shuttle exploded and the space shuttle was torn apart.

What is orange object on space shuttle?

It is called the "External Tank", or ET for short. It holds the space shuttle's liquid hydrogen fuel, and it's oxidizer, liquid oxygen.

How much fuel is needed for a space shuttle to takeoff?

The external tanks can contain up to 534,900 US gallons of propellant. The shuttle has two of these.

What falls off a space shuttle first?

Solid rocket booster followed by external fuel tank

How many liters of fuel can an ET on space shuttle discovery hold?

The Space Shuttle External Tank carries about 1,449,813 liters of liquid hydrogen fuel and about 541,314 liters of liquid oxygen as its oxidizer. In total, it carries about 1,991,127 liters of liquid propellant for the Space Shuttle Main Engines.

Why does NASA have to insulate the external fuel tanks of the space shuttle?

The fuel inside is super cool. The insulation slows the temps from raising too fast and the fuel evaporating

How much does the space shuttle weigh?

The Space Shuttle weighs 165,000 pounds empty and with the Shuttle, external tank, solid rocket boosters and all the fuel combined the total weight is 4.4 million pounds. The Shuttle can also carry a 65,000 pound payload.

When the Space Shuttle was transported atop a 747 was the Space Shuttle full of fuel?


How large is a space shuttle?

The space shuttle orbiter is 122.17 ft long, has a wingspan of 78.06 ft, and stands 58.58 ft high on its landing gear. The space shuttle stack (the orbiter, solid rocket boosters and external fuel tank) is 180 ft tall.

How does the Space Shuttle take off?

Space shuttles took of vertically, attached to an external fuel tank and two solid rocket boosters (SRBs).A space shuttle takes off by burning fuel at very high temperatures and this provides lift. The rocket needs to carry extra tanks of fuel for it to provide the combustion for a reasonable amount of time until the shuttle gets into orbit.

What part of the space shuttle circles earth?

The space shuttle orbiter orbits the earth. The solid rocket boosters are jettisoned within the earth's atmosphere, around two minutes after launch and the External Fuel Tank is jettisoned once in space.