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Um.. I am not quite sure what you are asking in this question so I will just guess. Well it depends on what kind of stunt are you talking about usually the normal stunt contains 5 members (Flyer, main base, secondary base, front spot and back spot.)

(Back spot --->) __

(Main base--->) | ♥ | (<--- Secondary base)

(Front spot --->) __

♥= Flyer.

(The lines are spose to represent people or there spots lol.)

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these are people Grouped and will do a stunt.

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Q: What are the examples of group stunt?
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What is the meaning of group stunt?

group stunts it is perform by a group

Is pyramid a group stunt in gymnastics?

No, gymnastics is not a group sport! It is probably a cheer.

What are examples of a cheer stunt sequence?

jumping over trucks on your motorcycle

Today they changed our stunt group again and were having the most trouble everybody is ahead and i feel sad?

If you changed your stunt group again and now you are trailing everybody else, cheer up your group and have them prepare for the next event.

Who is the blonde woman from Sash ft Stunt music video Raindrops?

Molly Smitten - Downes. Stunt is a varity group and shes the volcalist

What are the examples of group stunt in gymnastic?

In gymnastics there really isn't any stunts. That's more of a Cheerleading thing. You may mean having a coach spot you when you say "stunt" and in that case there are alot of stunts in gymnastics!

How do you become a stunt double?

Hey, Becoming a stunt double is a rather lengthy process but it can be done if you have the right amount of courage and talent. One way to become a stunt double is to try and get onto the British Stunt Register. If you manage to get on to it you would have an edge over other stunt peformers at auditions. To get on the Stunt Register the performer must have evidence of qualification to the required standard in at least six of these categories one of which has to be group (A) Group (A) Fighting - Categories: Martial Arts, Boxing Group (B) Falling - Categories: Trampolining, High Diving Group (C) Riding and Driving - Categories: Horses, Cars, Motorcycles Group (D) Agility and Strength - Categories: Gymnastics, Rock Climbing Group (E) Water - Categories: Swimming, Sub Aqua I hope this helped and good luck!!

What are some creativeand basic cheerleading stunts?

split stunts and twist up are really basic yet creative. as lone as the stunt group knows what they are doing the stunt should go well

What is Freezy Riders on Moshi Monsters?

The Freezy Riders were featured in the Moshling Adventure 2, Freezy Rider. The Freezy Riders is a group of stunt riders and Peppy the Stunt Penguin wants to join their group. The Moshling Adventure has expired and is no longer available for play on Moshi Monsters.

How many girls are in a stunt group for cheerleading?

Two bases, a backspot, a frontspot, and a flyer. So, 5 in all.

What are the examples of predictions?

Prediction: The plants watered in a high concentrate of salt water will stunt the seedlings growth and prevent seed germination.

What are the examples of informal group?

An example of a informail group is a gang.