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Q: What are the examples of biodiversity loss?
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Can you give 6 examples of biodiversity loss?

*air pollution *habitat loss *wildlife loss *poaching *alien species *fish kill

What are 5 examples of declining biodiversity?

Climate change, deforestation and habitat loss, overexploitation, invasive species, and pollution

Give some examples of where biodiversity is most adundant?

what is biodiversity give some examples

How can you use the word biodiversity in a sentence?

The rainforests are excellent examples of biodiversity in an ecosystem.

What are the problems on a global scale of biodiversity if deforestation continues?

Deforestation results in the Loss of Biodiversity.

What is biodiversity non-examples?


What is the the loss of biodiversity?

Human, disease and natural disasters.

How does population cause biodiversity loss?

An increase in population causes more houses to be built, which destroys forests and animal's habitats. Less forests and animals = biodiversity loss

What is Biodiversity loss?

Biodiversity means the variety of animal species of animals and plants living in an environment. Simply put, loss of it means that the amount of species in a region is decreasing. Biodiversity is sometimes also used to include the genes of species.

What do the Mississippi and Amazon rivers have in common?

Both are facing increasing pollution. Both are experiencing a loss of biodiversity.

What do you think are the ways of preventing biodiversity loss in our country?

i dont no

Why are habitat loss and division of habitat threats to biodiversity?