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Not sure how to answer this as scientific theories are not subject to the law but are supported by overwhelming evidence. The only time that evolution or the theory that supports it is in a court of law is when some public school somewhere, or some state somewhere tries to introduce religion into the classroom disguised inder the terms creation " science : or intelligent design.

There is no theory of evolution put forward by Charles Darwin that includes intelligent design. If fact the theory of evolution by natural selection is the antithesis of intelligent design.

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Q: What are the evidence presented in court for Charles Darwin theory of intelligent design?
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Which scientist presented the Theory of Uniformity?

charles darwin

Who was presented the theory of evolution?

While others presented the basis of the idea, Charles Darwin presented The Theory of Evolution as it is understood today. His book, The Theory of Evolution is generally credited as the beginning of the movement.

Who presented the theory of evoloution through natural selection?

Charles Darwin

Is there any evidence that Lady Hope held the meeting at Charles Darwin's summer home as he requested?

No evidence at all and much evidence given by Charles Darwin's children that Lady Hope was a complete fraud.

Did Charles Darwin retract his ideas of evolution?

No. There is no real evidence about that

What did Darwin invented?

If by Darwin you're referring to Charles Darwin, he's not known to have invented anything. Charles Darwin was an English naturalist who through study and observation presented the theory of "Natural Selection" which is the basis for the modern theory of evolution.

Which British naturalist presented his evolutionary theory of Natural Selection in 1859?

Charles Darwin

What evidence did Charles Darwin have in the development of his ideas?

The 13 Galapagos finches.

What island does Charles Darwin gather evidence on?

galapagos island, while he was on a cruise.

What was the name of the islands that Charles Darwin gathered most of his evidence?

Galapagos Islands

Where did Charles Darwin get his evidence from?

By observing, studying, experimenting and from god and because he can.

What is Darwin's name closely associated with?

Charles Darwin is most closely associated with the theory of evolution, which he originally presented in his famous book, "The Origin Of Species".