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enlightenment of the people

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Q: What are the ethics of television broadcasting?
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What has the author Marilyn J Matelski written?

Marilyn J. Matelski has written: 'Vatican Radio' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, History, Radio Vaticana, Radio in religion, Radio stations 'TV news ethics' -- subject(s): Objectivity, Television broadcasting of news, Journalistic ethics 'Variety broadcast-video, 1989-1990' -- subject(s): Broadcasting, Video recordings

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When was Chiba Television Broadcasting created?

Chiba Television Broadcasting was created in 1970.

When was Hokkaido Television Broadcasting created?

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting was created in 1968.

When was Sapporo Television Broadcasting created?

Sapporo Television Broadcasting was created in 1962.

What has the author Andrew Graham written?

Andrew Graham has written: 'Broadcasting, society and policy in the multimedia age' -- subject(s): Social aspects, Social aspects of Television broadcasting, Television broadcasting, Television broadcasting policy

When was Tōkai Television Broadcasting created?

Tōkai Television Broadcasting was created on 1958-12-25.

When was Television Aichi Broadcasting created?

Television Aichi Broadcasting was created on 1983-09-01.

When was San-in Chūō Television Broadcasting created?

San-in Chūō Television Broadcasting was created in 1970.

When was Chūkyō Television Broadcasting created?

Chūkyō Television Broadcasting was created on 1968-03-01.

When was Fukui Television Broadcasting created?

Fukui Television Broadcasting was created on 1969-10-01.

What has the author Giraud Chester written?

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