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Q: What are the effects on not getting enough minerals?
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What is malnourished?

It means you are not getting enough nourishment. Not just energy but vitamins and minerals.

Is a vegetarian diet complete in minerals?

Getting enough vitamin B12 may be an issue for some vegetarians,

What are effects of not getting enough sleep?

u can not do any work so u have to sleep

What can happen if you don't eat enough fruit and vegetables?

You will not be getting rich vitamins,minerals,some sugars, antioxidants etc..

What are the main health effects if one is getting enough of vitamin K2?

The main health effects if one is getting enough of vitamin K2 are prevention of osteoporosis, prostate cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer. Vitamin K2 also prevents cardiovascular diseases.

What effects did the Haymarket Riot have on employers?

Employers grew more suspicious of labor unions.

What if you don't get enough minerals?

you will be unhealthy

Where can you find land for sale with minerals?

A land with enough minerals can not be found easily.

What does your body use these minerals for and what happens if you do not get enough of these minerals?

ok, sperm are cool

Minerals that deposit large enough and pure enough to be mined for profit?


Why are minerals important to the body?

Minerals help your body grow, and to develop. When people don't get enough of these important minerals then they start to get health problems.

What happens when you have a lack of vitamins?

Not Getting Enough Vitamins and Minerals Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are vital for our good health. They help build and keep the cells, organs, and systems working properly. If we don't get enough of them, our bodies can become sick and we could die. An example is scurvy, which is caused by not getting enough Vitamin C. The first sign of scurvy is sores in the corners of your mouth. The disease progresses and you could die if you don't get more Vitamin C.