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the effects of volcanic action on soil formation

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Q: What are the effects of volcanic action on soil formation?
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Benificial effects of volcanic eruption?

New soil creation, good fodder for film plots, and population control.

Describe local and global effects of volcanic eruptions?

The local and global effects of volcanic eruptions include toxic ash 'rain', that pollutes streams, rivers, and chemically alters ground water sources as well as soil.

How are volcanic soil important?

Volcanic soil is important because if people live near a volcano and want to farm there, they can use the fertile volcanic soil to grow their plants.

Why is volcanic soil good for growing plants?

Volcanic soil is good for growing plants because the soil that forms from volcanic rocks contain nutrients that many plants need to grow.

Does soil formation affect the fertility of soil?

No, soil formation doesn't affect the fertility of soil but soil looses its fertility by being exhausted.

Why is volcanic soil so fertile?

volcanic soil is so fertile because it has silica which is very fertile.

What is the third step of soil formation?

...The soil

What is volcanic ash good for?

Volcanic ash can create very fertile soil.

Importance of volcanic eruptions?

Give us idea about the interior part of the earth Held in the formation of landform Generate geothermal energy Provide hot springs with medical value Provide fertile Soil Help in the concentration and formation of minerals

What is soil horizonation?

Soil Horizonation is the formation of unique soil layers.

What is the formation of soil a result of?

Soil formation results from chemical changes, abrasion, and erosion, to simplify the process.

What are the beneficial effects of volcanic erruption?

volcano eruptions can also lead to beneficial effects, like the volcanic ash can improves soil's fertility, there might a new land be formed like Hawaii and the volcano can renew its form. The materials they produce also have important industrial and chemical uses. Like pumice, a natural glass that comes from lava, it is widely used for grinding and polishing metals and stones. It also has a source of precious gems and opals. Water vapor are also created that adds to the earth's water supply.