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absolutly nothing

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Q: What are the effects of using air duster on your body?
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Can a lock be broken using air duster?


What is the purpose of using a compressed air duster?

A compressed air duster is used to clean electronic devices that cannot normally be cleaned using water. For example, they can be used to clean keyboards and computers.

Are there drug test for air duster?

Yeah. If someone comes home and finds you DEAD with a can of air duster next to you, you've been doing air duster.

How long does air duster stay in system?

Can they test for air duster if so how long

Would duster show up as alcohol?

No, duster will not show up as alcohol when tested. Air duster will not show up on any drug test because the chemical compounds in air duster is different than the compounds that are looked for on drug and alcohol tests.

Is huffing air duster dangerous?

Yes, huffing air duster is dangerous. Inhaling the chemicals in air duster can cause harmful effects on the brain and body, such as dizziness, disorientation, heart irregularities, and even death. It can also lead to long-term health problems including organ damage and addiction.

Why are people huffing air duster?

People are huffing air duster because it can get you high. Because of this they have recently added a bitterant into the canned air dusters which causes a bitter taste in mouth.

What is a crop duster?

A crop duster is an aircraft that is specially designed to apply pesticides from the air. The word crop duster can also mean the pilot who flies one these aircraft.

Will air duster show up on a drug test?


What are the Side effects of huffing computer air duster?

From what I hear, let's just say permanent damage to the nervous system. They have been known to put "holes" in your brain. No kidding.

What is air dusting?

air dust is compressed air in a can that is used to clean your computer and I think your talking about air duster

Does air duster show up in a blood test?

No you're inhaling air, not a chemical.