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Q: What are the effects of the body losing too much water?
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The act of losing too much water from your body?


How might ear size keep an arctic fox from losing too much body heat?

how might ear size keep an artic fox losing too much body heat

What percentage of your weight loss is water weight?

The body is made of an average 70% water. But when losing weight its hard to see what percentage is water as people have different methods of losing weight. If your was on a fade diet you will lose water and muscle which will come back. If you was on a health balanced diet then you most properly lose body fat. Before starting any diet you should get your body fat checked so you know how much you lost after!

Should I be concerned about how quickly I lost weight?

The weight that you initially lose is water, not fat and losing too much water can have negative side effects such as dehydration. Furthermore, if you restrict your diet too much you will be missing out on important vitamins and minerals. Losing weight too quickly can also leave you feeling tired and effect the appearance of you hair and skin. x

Who are affected fastest women or men?

It effects woman more depending on how much water the body has. Alcohol mixes with body water a given amount of water becomes highly more lightly to concetraded in a womans body more then a mans body.

Water-effects of too much or too little water on the body?

Too little water can cause wrinkles and dehydration. Too much water can cause water intoxication. Sounds stupid huh?! Well It can cause system failure and swelling of the brain.

What can you use to cleanse your body of vodka?

nothing really, if you have one kickass liver and drink a bit of water you might not feel the effects as much

Why are you not losing much weight?

Your body has stabilised at a healthy weight. This is a good thing.

Does sweating help you lose weight?

sweating does help you lose weight but it doesnt mean you are losing so much weight .when you sweat its actually water that was already stored in your body and thats why you get tired and sweat you should drink lots of water so you can restore the water in your body because you need itt!

What do crocodiles have to prevent their bodies from losing too much water to their surroundings?

An impermiable (to water) skin.

what keeps The leaf from losing too much water from evaporation?

pls tell me

What is the balance plants maintain that prevents them from losing too much water?