What are the effects of peace?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Absence of war, for one.

The absence of war, and terrorism

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Q: What are the effects of peace?
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What were the short term effects on world war 1?


What were the after effects of the edict of Milan?

it restored peace to the catholic churches.

What are the effects of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on world?

The world needed peace and the atomic bombs helped.

What were the effects of the 70's slang in the lifestyle?

well,the effects were 1) some weirdo's these days still say peace out 2)people died

What were the long term effects of Augustus Caesar's influence?

He established 200 years of peace and prosperity.

What are some possible future effects of same-sex marriage?

Possible effects include happiness, fairness, justice, peace, stable families and loving homes.

How did Elie Wiesel show the Jews the importance of peace?

by theme, motif, and symbolism. And by the effects of the horrible actions of the Nazi's show the Jews that you need to work together to acheive peace.

Are there more bad effects than good from technology?

yes they are because with out humans the world would be at Peace

Why did steps taken by the major powers to promote peace following world war 1 have limited effects?

The New Deal

What effects did the atomic bomb have at the time and in the long run?

the threat of atomic weapons made japan want to talk peace

What were some long term effects of World War 1 projected by people in 1919?

Some long term effects was everyone that was in the war agreed to make peace and help rebuild what they destroyed. John Maynard Keynes in his book 'The Economic Consequences of the Peace', which appeared in October 1919 predicted roaring inflation in Germany (and Austria) and added that the peace treaties were likely to keep resentment against the allies alive.

What are positive and negative effects of world peace?

Positive effects are that deaths would decrease dramatically because of war. Trading could increase with certain countries and tourists would be more comfortable to visit locations. Negative effects that could come from world peace is that people would start to show discrimination or segratgation because of how they don't like the fact that they can't do anything about that other person or race that they do not like.