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Q: What are the effects of open defecation?
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What drug causes dry eyes dry mouth or difficult urination or defecation?

Medications with anticholinergic effects can cause dry eyes, dry mouth, and difficult urination or defecation.

What organ contrast the process of excretion with the process of defecation?

I think for me the process of excretion with the process of defecation is by the process of excretion with the process of defecation. Therefore the defecation is the process of excretion by the process of defecation. Some says excretion is the process with the defecation process. That's why the organ contrast the process of excretion with the process of defecation.

What is open defecation?

It is a practice whereby an individual and or a group of people in a community does not patronize the available toilet facilities in a particular vicinity but rather goes to ease themselves in an open environment. Defecation is the process of removing undigested food waste (usually brown) from the body. The word open here refers to doing it outdoors or in public, as opposed to a fixture designed for this purpose (a toilet).

What's the meaning of defecation?

The meaning of defecation is when feces is discharged from the body.

What is the difference between excretion and defecation?

The difference between excretion and defecation is excretion is the removal of waste and defecation is the removal of undigested waste. During defecation, the nutrients are absorbed by the body before being removed from the body.

What is the medical term meaning infrequent defecation?

Constipation means infrequent defecation.

What is nirmal gram puraskar?

The Nirmal Gram Puraskar was an award given by the Government of India to villages that achieved full sanitation coverage and open defecation-free status. It aimed to promote cleanliness and hygiene practices in rural areas.

What is the similarity of the process of excretion with the process of defecation?

It is similar with defecation only in that both help to overcome nitrogenous wastes in the body. Defecation helps to pass out the solid wastes. But defecation can not be called excretion on the physiological grounds as the waste does not cross any semipermeable membrane as is required in the process of excretion.

How does Defecation occur?

it has a hole

Where does defecation occur?

The toilet.

Is defecation found at reproductive system?

Defecation, or elimination of solid waste, is a process of the digestive system, not the reproductive system.

What are some open door policy economic effects?

what was the purpose, importance and effects on the open door policy?