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It blocks us from seeing the stars and lowers our melatonin levels which causes sleep disorder

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Q: What are the effects of light pollution on humans?
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What are the effects of the environment?

Pollution Littering and humans

How does water effects humans?

"Polluttion" does not exist but pollution definitely does affect humans.

Do humans have effects on the Siberian tiger's habitat?

yes. obviously. humans affect all environments by pollution.

What are some effects human have on weather?

humans cause global warming and pollution

How do you write a paper on cause and effects of air pollution?

You write what causes air pollution (Humans), then write what it does... (Intoxicate out air)

What are effects of water pollution?

Water pollution can have many negative effects including killing aquatic animals, causing humans to become ill, disrupting food-chains, and destroying ecosystems.

What are the effects off water pollution on humans?

Poisoning, becoming very ill, genetic changes, cancer,etc.

What effects do humans and pollution have on trees?

Humans can actually help trees because we breathe out Carbon dioxide when trees take in but when we cut down trees then we kill it.

What are the effects of the different types of environment degradation?

the effects are land pollution ,water pollution, and air pollution.

What are the effects of clean environment?

the effects of a clean environment are water pollution land pollution air pollution

What effects have the air pollution to the environment?

well air pollution is a conspiracy that is trying to provide a scare tactic to humans so we do not enjoy our nice cars and convenience of littering. the effects? there are none do not worry. we are fine this conspiracy will not hold us down!

What are the effects that humans put on the forest?

Humans have a lot of affects on the environment, for example chopping down trees, polluted water and many more things that relate to pollution