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Well it depends how long you have been on clozapine for. and seems clozapine is a much more stronger drug than seroquel(quetiapine).my ex partner was on a high dose clozapine and decided to change after 5 years. he had to reduce dose by 50mg a day until zero then start on first it seemed okay but after a week he had a relapse and seroquel was really taking time to kick in the dose was raised to 600mg but still more than a month on there was not much change on him.and had to start the painfull process of taking bloods etc to go back to clozapine.really i noticed there ain't much unpleasant side effects except the relapse on clozapine he had dry mouth during the day which caused severe bad breathe and at night wet pillows from the over salivation and him being so quiet but on seroquel he could say out his feelings and express himself better were as on clozapine he was more closed off.i think its down to each individual realy people are different btu if clozapine suits you i would personally recomend you stay on it. but also its worth speaking to your gp or psychiatrist about it

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Q: What are the effects of going off clozapine and going opn seraquel have on the body?
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