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it can be not good. bad bad, or it can be good. happy happy

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Q: What are the effects of different internal factors on human health?
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What are the internal factors of obesity?

Do you mean the health risks

Explain the effects of identified lifestyle factors on long term health and fitness?

The effects of identified lifestyle factors on long term health and fitness is a healthy body .

What are the effects of ammonia on human health?

It causes burns and can cause internal damage if swallowed. :)

What are the good factors affecting healthy person?

There are two types of factors that affect a healthy person; they are internal or external: Good internal factors would be the knowledge of what is healthy and what is not, and the ability and the desire to make good choices affecting health. Good external factors would be good genetics, a good environment to grow and develop, knowledge available to learn what is good for health and what is not, the freedom to make good choices concerning health, the means to take advantage of choices that are good for health.

What effects currency trading?

Economic indicators that outline a country's general economic health is one of the prime factors that effects the currency of the country.

What are the bad effects on health?

There can be numerous factors that have bad effects on ones health. Some of these factors include: Smoking, alcoholism, sedentary lifestyle (couch potato), obesity, poor hygiene, poor oral care, bad diet, repetitive motions, and lack of good body mechanics.

What do it mean if a dog has two different color eyes?

Nothing. There are no health effects. It is only different in appearance.

What factors influence the dose to the patient and thus the possibility of adverse health effects?

Both (A) and (C). mA and kVp

What destroys health?

Destroy might be too strong of a word. Maybe it would be better to say what weakens health because if your health was truly destroyed you would be on the verge of death. TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, divides factors that influence health into six external factors and seven internal factors. The external factors originate from things outside our bodies from the world around us, but can penetrate deeply to affect our body inside. They are: Wind, Cold, Damp, Heat, Summer Heat, and Dryness. The internal factors are related to our emotions. And these are said to affect our internal organs according to what they call the Five Element relationships associated with a total of seven emotions. They are: Anger, Fear, Fright, Grief, Joy, Worry, and Pensiveness.

What has the author Maria Teresa Duclos written?

Maria Teresa Duclos has written: 'The effects of demographic and environmental factors on adult health in Brazil' -- subject(s): Public health, Environmental health

What does an epidemiologist specialise in?

Epidemiology is the science of the study of effects and causes of health and disease on population groups. It is important for public health, identifying risk factors and preventative medicine.

What are the effects of urbanization on health?

the effects of urbanisation on health is : chocking and screaming