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the effects are your skin becomes yellow and ichty and smells of clorine Death because it cleans out everything.

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Q: What are the effects of bleach on your body?
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What is the good effects of bleach?

bleach help the clothes clean.

What is good effects of bleach?

You can kill your time.

What effects does household bleach have on houseplants?

it kills them

Can ingesting Bleach have an effect on you if ingested in small amounts over time?

Yes, ingesting bleach does have an effect on the human body. Some of these side effects include rashes on the skin, problems breathing, pain in the mouth, and coughing.

What are the effects of eating paper?

You must consider what paper has in it. Besides originating from the wood of a tree, it has bleach and ink on it. Niether of those things are good for your body.

How do you bleach hairs on your body?

Get hair bleach from your local pharmacy !

Does bleach cover up marijuana?

No it does not. Consuming bleach is also very, very dangerous and can kill you.

What kind of bleach to use for body hair?

Do not use any kind of bleach for your body hair.Best to use lemon juice instead,if you want to lighten!NO BLEACH!

What is the ld50 of bleach?

According to the Fisher Scientific MSDS for bleach, the oral LD50 in rats is >90 mL per kilogram of body weight. So if you're worried about bleach poisoning, you'd have to drink a lot for it to kill you. It does have other harmful effects at lower doses, however.

Can you bleach your hair one day after dying it a dark color to get streaking effects?

Yes, you can one day bleach your hair one day after dying it a dark color to get streaking effects.

What are the effects of drinking a gallon of water with a tablespoon of bleach mixture?

Bleach is NOT meant to be drunk by anyone. It is a poison and will make you sick.

Can clhorine bleach kill HIV outside the body?

Chlorine bleach has been found effective in killing HIV outside of the body.