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Q: What are the effect of not taking care of the brain?
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How does pork effect the brain?

Any effect of pork on the brain.

Does a roller coaster have a negative or positive effect on the brain?

Negative effect on the brain.

What does brain cancer effect in the body?

the brain

Can water effect youre brain?

water can effect your brain by thinking because the brain needs plenty of water to think.

Does drugs effect the heart or the brain more?

The brain.

Does water affect the brain?

water does effect your brain

Can taking drugs effect the pill and period cycle?

Yes. You should tell your physician about taking the pills. Otherwise the pregnancy may take place. Your physician will take care of the treatment part.

Does your height and weight effect the brain?

Your height and weight can indirectly effect the brain. The actions that you do to achieve these measurements can lead to the release of different chemicals in the brain.

What part of the brain takes care of coordination?

Brain stem

Does soda effect your brain?

Yes. Soda can effect your brain because it contains sugar and dissolved carbon dioxide.

What is the duration of Taking Care of Business?

The duration of Taking Care of Business is 1.78 hours.

What can harm your brain?

Many things can harm your brain. Drugs harm your brain and injuries to your head can effect your brain. My brother was hit by a car and he cracked his head open and now he is a different person. Your brain cells are very precious and whenever you lose them there is no getting them back.