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The duties of a time keeper are to get times of people racing.

by nicola thies

Timekeepers have the following duties:

  • To record times for track athletes where there is no photo-finish equipment.
  • To record times for track athletes as back-up to the photo-finish equipment.
  • To record and call lap times for races over one lap.
  • To record split times in relays.
the duties of a time keeper is that they keep time of the athletics when they race. the answer is in the name, 'timekeeper'
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Q: What are the duties of timekeeper in a track event?
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What are the duties of time keeper?

A timekeeper is someone who keeps track of time.Like months Weeks And MinutesPaul Hamstra is the best!!!!!

Duties of timekeeper?

to time keep

What are the duties of a timekeeper?

to keep the time

What is the proper definition for the term timekeeper?

The proper definition for timekeeper means: A person keep the record of time, or a device indicating time, or one who keep track of time in a sporting event.

What are the duties of The Timekeeper in a netball match?

to keep time muhahahaha!

What is a timekeeper in basketball?

People who keep track of the time and score.

What does a timekeeper do in track and field?

check how long the person is running

Name five track and field officials?

Marksman, starter, timekeeper, track judge, field judge.

What do you mean by time keeper and what are the duties of time keeper?

timekeeper means that who saves your time in office everyone is busy no one have time for gossip in office timekeeper means who save your time attending your office calls and tell about it this is the work of timekeeper.

What is a timekeeper important for in sporting events?

A timekeeper is important to keep track of the time in all sporting events. His job is to prevent any unfair advantages that can occur in the game due to the clock.

What are the duties of an event executive?

Duties of an Event Executive:Venue selectionLogisticsBudgetingDesignNegotiationMarketingTicket salesCustomer serviceManaging people

What are the duties of track judge in a track event?

Track judges are placed at the finish line at track meets to see who finishes the race first. Their duty is to watch the lanes to see who's torso, which can be their head, neck, or shoulders, crosses the edge of the finish line first.

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