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Senior waiters are generally the best waiters and often the ones that have been there the longest. Their responsibilities include waiting tables but also being able to answer any questions that regular waiters have and dealing with any problems that may arise in the absence of the restaurant manager.

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They report to the head waiter.They serve food to the customers in the restaurant.They prepare the dining table.

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Q: What are the duties of a junior waiter?
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What is junior waiter?

A junior waiter is a youth waiter like to example a person that is 12 11 13 14 and 15 working as a waiter job would be a junior waiter

What are the duties and responsibilities of a waiter?

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a galley waiter?

Duties and responsibilities of a galley waiter are all of the same as that of a regular waiter in a restaurant. The only main difference is that a galley waiter will live aboard ship for an extended period of time and may deal with an occasional seasick customer.

What are a waiter duties?

To deliver the plate of food to their cumtomers table

Duties and responsilities of waiter?

waitress food, dishes, cleaning.

What was a Kings waiter?

landwaiter - a British customs officer, import-export regulations, collects import duties [for the King]

What is waiter duty?

Waiter duties involve taking guest food orders, ensuring the customer receives their order accurately and in a timely manner, and meets any other needs of the patron. Ensuring a positive guest experience is the most important function of a waiter.

What is a qualifed stylist and a junior stylist?

A qualified stylist is a senior hairdresser who performs duties such as shampooing and conditioning, cutting, styling, coloring, perming, straightening, processing orders and handling money. A junior stylist is a hairdresser who performs duties such as greeting customers, shampooing hair, simple cutting and maintaining a clean and tidy salon.

What has the author Alfred B Cipriani written?

Alfred B. Cipriani has written: 'Duties of the junior accountant' -- subject(s): Accounting, Auditing

What is the duty of captain waiter?

The duty and responsibilities or a banquet captain waiter is to make sure all of the citizens in the country of their rights have their setting, closure, and to make sure they have the amount of money that is due.

The maitre d' of a restaurant is maitre d' what?

It is a maitre d'hotel. Depending of the size of the establishment, the duties are to organize the waiters, greet and place the guests, deal with complaints, sometimes take care of reservations as well. If the restaurant is smaller, duties may include being the head waiter.

What are the duties of middle manager?

Mid-level managers have a specialized understanding of certain managerial tasks.They are responsible for and carrying out the decisions made by top-level management.They are responsible for tactical decisions.Collect information junior management and reassemble it for top Management.Monitor activities of junior managersMotivate supervisory staff