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Well the only thing that i found was that its radioactive and if you were to make physical contact, you will loose blood, and brain cells and possibly cause cancer.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of promethium?
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Is Promethium magetic?

Promethium is paramagnetic.

Is promethium flammable?

Promethium is not flammbale.

What substances are in promethium bromide?

Promethium bromide contain promethium and bromine.

Is promethium flamable?

Promethium is not flammable.

What is promethium odor?

Promethium has no odor.

Is promethium soluble?

Promethium is not soluble in water.

What is the normal stage of promethium?

Promethium is a metal.

Is promethium a solid?

Yes. Promethium is a solid.

Is promethium a flamable element?

Promethium is not flammable.

Do promethium have odor?

Promethium hasn't odor.

What is the normal phase of promethium?

Promethium is a solid.

Does promethium have protons?

Promethium has 61 protons.