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Honestly there is nothing. Its in fact really good for skin and hair.

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Q: What are the disadvantages of honey?
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What are the disadvantages of honey bee?

The honey bee only lives for six weeks in the summer because they actually work themselves to death.

What are disadvantages of honey?

Honestly there is nothing. Its in fact really good for skin and hair.

Disadvantages of a honey pot site?

damages the natural environment because of lots of people

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a jack fruit?

Cutting the outer portion of the jack fruit is taxing. However, the fruit inside is sweet like honey.

What are the advantages and disadvantages that the honey guide badger and a bee have?

The honey guide bird can locate honey in a bees' nest but is unable to get to the honey for itself, so it guides the badger to the nest. The honey badger cannot find the nest easily by itself but, once shown the nest by the bird, the badger can open the nest with relative ease, using its huge claws. The badger eats the honey it wants and the bird feeds on the remains. This is an example of a symbiotic relationship. It is also sometimes called mutualism.

Does honey comb contain honey?

yep the honey comb is made out of wax the honey is in the honey comb

Is honey a solution?

Honey is a mixture; honey may be a paste or as a crystallized honey.

What is the relationship between a Honey guide bird and Honey bager?

the relashionship between a honey guide and honey badger is, when a honey guide smells honey he sings a little tune and waits for a honey badger to come. when the honey badger reaches the honey guide the bird flies to were the scent of honey came from leading the badger towards honey.

What is b side to ABBA honey honey?

Honey Honey was the B-side of Waterloo ;)

What are the food using honey as ingredient?

Honey sandwich,honey water,Crystallised honey.

How do you remove honey from a honey comb?

you get it with a honey comb

Do bees produce honey?

Do honey bees produce WHAT? If the question is "honey", then yes, HONEY bees produce HONEY. If the question is NOT "honey", I'm afraid I can't help you.