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Q: What are the dangers of ultra waves?
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What are micro waves dangers?


What are the dangers of gamma waves?


What are the dangers of infra red waves?


What is the source of ultra violet waves?

The sun.

What is the difference between ultra sonic and infrasonic sound?

sound waves with frequencies 20 hertz or lower are infrasonic and waves above 20,000hertz are ultra sonic!

What are the dangers of electromagnetic waves?

there are many dangers but the main ones are cancer lukemia and disformation of a new born child

How is ultra sound used?

it is used for waves sounds as well

Can ultra sonic waves hurt you?

Ultra sonic waves are a sound frequency that is oftentimes silent to humans. Research shows there is no long term negative affects due to exposure to these sounds.

Which of the following electromagnetic waves are produced by the sun A infrared waves B visible light C ultra violet light D all of the above?

C ultra violet light

Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is nearest to radio waves?

Microwaves and, on the other side, ultra low frequency waves.

What are the dangers of the beach?

Box jellyfish, Sharks, Rips and strong waves

What travel as longitudinal wave?

sound waves, waves in a slink, tsunami waves, vibrations in gases, oscillations in springs, internal-water waves, ultra sounds, earthquake P-waves.