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Q: What are the dangers of excessive drinking?
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What relations do people have with bears?

A little amount of bear is helpful for health sometimes it's reduce individual tension when someone drink but excessive drinking causes to dangers .

What are the dangers of wood glue?

Danger=Drinking it!

What is Polydipsia?

Excessive drinking or thirst

What id the definition for periodic excessive drinking?

it's called binge drinking.

Is binge drinking addictive?

No. However, binge drinking is an unwise practice and creates many dangers.

What are the dangers of binge drinking?

The biggest danger of binge drinking is acute alcohol poisoning causing death.

What can correct eating excessive amount of oranges?

The oranges can be removed from the excessive overeater. You can educate the overeater about the specific dangers of eating excessive amounts of oranges and allow them to make an informed decision as to whether they want to continue eating oranges. (There are no specific dangers to eating many oranges, by the way.) You can stop telling them they are eating excessive amounts of oranges.

What would damage liver cells?

excessive drinking

What does crapulent mean?

Sickness caused by excessive eating or drinking.

Excessive swallowing of air while eating or drinking?


What are the illness that may result from drinking alcohol?

Excessive drinking can result in alcohol poisoning and liver failure.

What does gluttony mean as a sin?

Gluttony means excessive eating and drinking