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the consequense is you sitting here and posting a lot of sugar related questions! :-D One will get happy feet which makes it hard to sleep or restless and gain weight.

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Q: What are the consequences of eating lots of chocolate late at night before you go to bed?
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Can chocolate mousse be made the night before?

Aah, the night before! Gotta love the Beatles!

What are the consequences of eating too much sugar late at night?

Since you define it as "to much" and beeing "late at night" I would say the short term consequense is lack of sleep, or disturbed sleep pattern that night. however, if you do this every night, you could be an early diabetic. Stop eating to much sugar. :-)

Can drinking a 725ml bottle of cola and eating 4 chocolate bars the night before a test for diabetes affect the result?

Most certainly. Anything you eat can affect your diabetes even three days later.

What are the release dates for The Consequences of a Night Out - 1908?

The Consequences of a Night Out - 1908 was released on: USA: April 1908

What is middle of the night binge eating?

Night Eating Disorder

Late Night Eating?

One factor in losing weight has a lot to do with not eating late at night. If you choose to change your eating habits, avoiding late night snacking can make a big difference and provide optimal weight loss results. If you absolutely must snack, snacking on food which is low in carbohydrates are best. If you have a sweet tooth, try snacking on some sugar-free candy instead of a big chocolate bar.

Will tums make the dogs okay after eating chocolate?

No! The bad effects of eating chocolate are overstimulation of the heart and nervous system. In fact, given a large enough dose of chocolate, it could kill a dog! Tums do nothing to stop the absorption of the chocolate into the bloodstream. How much chocolate is too much? There is a formula, call your vet! I am not a vet; just a person who went through this last Christmas Eve after my dog ate a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Yes, he did need to have induced vomiting and it wasn't a pleasant night. But, he is alive for the upcoming Christmas! Hope this answers.

Does eating pineapple the night before wisdom teeth getting pulled help with keeping swelling down?


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acids that are bad and can harm you in some such as an acid being an irritant

What is the religious purpose of Mardi Gras?

It is the last night of eating rich foods before the fasting and the religious obligations of Lent

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Eating in the night?

Night Eating is not an official type of eating disorder listed in the Diagnostic Criteria, but it is a very common problem and may be one of the more frequent causes of obesity. Night Eating is a stress-related eating, sleeping and mood disorder that is associated with disordered neuroendocrine function.