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it stops you from sweating altogether unlike deoderant which just gets rid of the smell. so you don't have to worry about that uncomfortable sweat under your arms

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Q: What are the cons to using anti-perspirant?
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Does antiperspirant give you alzheimers?

There is no actual knowledge of what causes Alzheimer's, but there is also no evidence that using antiperspirant does any damage.

Can you give me a sentence using the word antiperspirant?

He used his antiperspirant which helped keep himself from smelling awful during gym class.

At which age do you to start using antiperspirant?

There is not really an age. If you perspire, use one. I don't perspire much, so I seldom use a antiperspirant.

How do you prevent sweating under the arms aside from using antiperspirant?

See a pharmacist for aluminum chlorhydrate.

How do you use the word antiperspirant in a sentence?

Deodorant is a great antiperspirant.

How do you use antiperspirant in a sentence?

Antiperspirant means no sweat, usually used in deodorants. look I've just made a sentence with antiperspirant.

What is klima?

Klima is a antiperspirant deodorant for serious sweaty underarms. When using this product, it will protect you for up to 5 days.

What is an antiperspirant?

An antiperspirant is a substance used to minimize sweating or perspiration, usually applied to the underarm.

How do you decrease sweat in your armpits if you already wear antiperspirant deodorant?

If you are using an antiperspirant and still have excess sweat under the arms than you should try a stronger formula. Many brands, such as degree and secret offer strong antiperspirant formulas called "clinical". If the problem persists you should tralk to your doctor about it. There are prescription medications that are designed to reduce excessive perspiration.

What are pros and cons of using benzene?

The pros of benzene is apple and the cons of benzene is banana.

What are synonyms of antiperspirant?


How does antiperspirant look?

It comes in a can.