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Q: What are the components of consumer health?
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What is the difference between health consumer and consumer health?

A health consumer is one who needs health care and health products and uses money to acquire them. Consumer health is concerned with how healthy and active consumers are in general, on a day-to-day basis.

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What does consumer health mean?

Consumer health is a field of study that concerns the informatics of multiple consumer (or patient) views.

How do you identify the components of a food chain in an ecosystem?

primary producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer, quaterary consumer.

What is a sentence using the word health consumer?

There are numerous health consumers of the company. This was a sentence which contains the word health consumer.

What is the meaning of consumer health?

consumer health means ascertaining that the product we use are those that will keep us in optimal health.

What are the Objectives of health education?

consumer health education aims to: 1. assist consumer in choosing better health products and services; 2. provide information regarding health products the consumer wish to buy and the health services they wish to avail themselves of; 3. help consumer recognize reliable sources of health information; and 4. guide consumer in buying health products and services. - came from a book named P.E. and health ........

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