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The characteristics of altitude include a marked decrease in temperature along with a decrease in available oxygen. Altitude also offers increased amounts of snow and wind.

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Q: What are the characteristics of altitude?
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What two cold environment characteristics are not included in heat environment characteristics?

Altitude and perception

What is a characteristics of altitude?

Well altitude is the distance above sea level. The higher the altitude, the less air pressure and temperature there's going to be.

What two cold environment characteristics are not included in heat environment charcteristics?

Altitude and perception

What are two general characteristics that define each cloud type?

Each cloud type forms at a relative specific altitude and has a characteristic shape.

What effect does altitude have on sports games that use balls?

High altitude balls, during manufacture, are pressurized less so that, when opened at altitude, the balls are not too bouncy, as would be the case with normal tennis balls at altitude. I believe they are also manufactured to have approximately a 6% greater diameter. This greater cross-sectional area ,when traveling through thinner air (i.e., at altitude), should produce roughly similar flight characteristics as regular balls at sea level.

What are the characteristics of plants indigenous to Mexico?

They are of very different characteristics, depending on altitude, humidity and other factors. Mexico has a wide range of climates, from desert in the north to tropical in the south to several kinds of temperate grassland and forests in central Mexico.

What is the altitude of Bloemfontein?

altitude bloemfontein

How do you spell altitude in french?

altitude (fem.)

What is the altitude of Luoyang?

What is the altitude of Shaolin temple

The opposite of altitude?

The opposite to altitude is depth.

How do you calculate the altitude of a triangle?

Let the given area is 10cm. Base of the triangle is 4 cm. altitude of triangle=? Area= 1/2 x Base x altitude 10= 1/2 x 4x altitude 10=2 x altitude 10/2= altitude 5= altitude Hence, altitude of the triangle is 5 cm.

How does altitude relate to climate?

The higher the altitude the colder the climate, the warmer the climate the lower the altitude.