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These are white blood cells.

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Q: What are the cells which fight disease in the body?
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These are the cells which fight disease in the body?

white blood cells

What is the cells fight disease and pathogens in the body of an animal?

Yes. We have specialized cells that help fight diseases.

Do What if your Body Has Cells That Can Help Fight Against Disease?


What are white blood cells?

Hi there! white blood cells are little cells in our body that help eradicate viruses and other harmful things in our body. (just in case you want to know about these cells as well) Red blood cells are what transport oxygen throughout our body.

How the white blood cells adapted?

To fight disease within the body

What cells that fight disease are always present in the body what cells or parts of cells are produced after the disease-causing virus enters the body?

Sounds like our old friends the White Blood cells!

Function of the white blood cells?

It protects the body against disease by producing antibodies that defends the body.

What are the risks of a patient with the least number if white blood cells?

A low amount of white blood cells will cause an increase in illness and disease. This is because white blood cells are used to fight disease and illnesses. Everyday, thousands of bacteria and viruses enter the body and the white blood cells fight the them. With a lower count of white blood cells, you are more susceptible to disease as your body won't be able to fight the disease as efficiently.

How does leukamia affect the body?

Leukemia is a disease that makes your white blood cells, cells that fight off disease, grow abnormally and at a rapid pace.

What disease will appear if there is an elevation of white blood cells?

White blood cells increase in number to fight an infection or 'disease'. It is part of the body's immune response.

What is the body system that contains cells and organs that fight disease called?

That would be the vascular system.

What body cells fight disease and infection?

tea helps fight off infections as well as gut bacteriatea helps fight off infections as well as gut bacteria