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What are those factors that ifluence individual sense of self worth

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Q: What are the biological factors that influence the health of the individual?
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What Factors influence the mental health of individuals that leads them to mental health problems in the community?

Stress and biological predisposition.

How do biological factors influence the individuals health?

well **Everyone has the ability to be healthy-regardless of genetics. Biological factors might mean that certain people MIGHT have to work harder to be healthier etc. but doesn't mean its not possible.

What are the factors that influence the health equilibrium?

the factors that affect the health equilibrium is the

What factors influence you health?


What experimental factor?

A factor is a variable which is deliberately varied between trials, in order to study its influence on the outcome. * experimental factors or other conditions may influence the outcome. There are two main types of variables to consider: * ** Treatment factors: When you are especially interested in studying how the outcome varies as a function of these factors. ** Confounders: Other factors or covariates, such as temperature, pH, humidity, drift over time, etc. that may influence the outcome. In the biological or health sciences, age, sex and other characteristics of an individual may be confounders.

What environmental factors cannot influence your health status?

Very few environmental factors absolutely cannot influence your health. Perhaps only smells cannot have a strong impact on your health.

Discuss factors that influence health?

Health can be influenced by # Biological factors- genetic predisposition/susceptibility, changes in chemical composition of body, caused by etiological agent-infections or toxins # Social factors-social rules, traditions may consider one as ill or not ill contrary to the outsider's view # Psychological factors-coping strategies, attitudes # Religious practices # Spiritual factors

Which of the following enviromental factors do not influence your health status?


Describe the legal factors that influence health and safety in sport?


How a child health and ability to learn influence each other?

Child development depends on biological and psychological health. Thus, a child's health and ability to learn influence each other because learning is easier for a healthy child.

What factors influence how fast they grow and how big echinoderms become.?

It's health

What factors have the most influence on a person's health?

Genetics, diet, exercise, and environment.