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make sure neither of you have anything in your mouth, you have just had a mint, then just touch your lips with him really lightly- then when he gets the message e should move his lips with you, vary the pressure and dont squeeze your lips tight shut. also dont worry about the whole "which way should i tilt my head thing" i have kissed loads of boys and its all about intuition. you can't predict anything

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Q: What are the best tips for kissing a guy?
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What are tips to kissing a guy?

tounge to tounge

What are the best kissing tips and techniques?

Dont have gum in ur mouth

What are the best tips for kissing a girl?

im a girl and i like it most when 1. a guy kiss' me in a romantic place 2.when im not expecting it 3. when we r alone hope my answer helped -victoria

French kissing tips?

be french and then drown them whilst kissing

How do two girls kiss?

theres nothing different about two girls kissing than a guy and a girl or guy and guy kissing

How do you get your best friend to break up his girlfriend?

lie to him that u saw his girlfriend kissing another guy.

What is it called when a guy sticks his tongue in your mouth when kissing?

french kissing

Where is the best place to find marketing tips?

The best place to find marketing tips is online or in college or university. They got a good education program and they give you all the information, tips and tricks you need to be a good marketing guy.

Is it ok to kiss your best guy friend?

There's nothing wrong with kissing a friend on the forehead, light touch of the lips.

When a guy says it was nice kissing you what does that mean?

He meant what he said. It was nice kissing you. As in, he liked it.

What turns a guy on the most when kissing his body?

Kissing his navel as close to his pubic region

How do you not be nervous when you kiss a guy?

By realizing that the Guy is twice as nervous about kissing you.