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Offered by Progressive insurance, Progressive Direct is a unique feature in insurance policies. Unlike other companies, Progressive Direct offers genuine side-by-side rates for policies with Progressive and other insurance companies.

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Q: What are the benefits offered by Progressive Direct?
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How much cheaper is progressive direct than progressive?

Insurance prices from Progressive are determined by many factors such as the make of car and drivingÊrecord. Customers typically report saving about 35 percent more with Progressive Direct.

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Progressive Insurance provides benefits like less cost and more benefits when compared to Geico. Progressive Insurance also provides better customer service and customer friendly behavior than Geico.

How do you get your refund back from Progressive once you have canceled your policy?

Contact the insurance broker that offered you Progressive Insurance; they should know the answer or can find one from the Progressive Agent that visits their office.

What are the benefits of 'Snapshot' by Progressive?

Progressive snap shot program offers incentives for drivers who drive well and are not in accidents. Good driver rewards include discounts, and benefits that are awarded and best of all Snap shot program is free with Progressive policy holders.

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