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There are benefits to having and expressing our healthy emotions. For example we can communicate clearly, have more confidence in finding our voice and inner peace.

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Q: What are the benefits of healthy expressions of emotions?
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What is an facial expression?

faical expressions are feelings of emotions. they are what people say mixed emotions. not all facial expressions are universal.

What is the definition of dance facial expressions and emotion?

Facial expressions are when you describe the emotions of a dance with your face.x

How do you control moodswings?

You can control your moodswings when you learn to control your emotions and the expressions in your face. To master your emotions and expressions you need to keep calm and carefully and mentally analyse the situation.

What is the first guideline for healthful expressions of strong emotions?


Is the amygdala active when viewing facial expressions?

Yes, the amygdala is involved with our emotions which are often reflected by facial expressions.

Impact of healthy emotions and unhealthy emotions?

healthy emotions are a shield for children when the face the real world and if someone has unhealthy emotions they wont be ready to face the real world and overcome the challanges but u can always fix that

What are the benefits of a healthy person?

what are some benefits of having a healthy person

Is it healthy to express your emotions in your artwork?

Yes, emotions expressing is healthy in any form. It is because it leads to opening up of person in society.

What are the benefits of controlling your emotions?

Controlling emotions is a very good trait. A person who can control the emotions are the ones who can get emotionally strong.

How can you enrich your life?

Theater can enrich your life by showing feelings,emotions,and expressions mon or in a play.

What perspective would suggest that the facial expressions associated with the emotions of lust and rage are inherited?


Where is the emotions shop in fable 2?

You buy expressions from the Fiction Burns bookstore in Bowerstone Market.