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more likely to get laid

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Q: What are the benefits of drinking alcohol?
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What are the benefits to drinking alcohol in moderation?

Better health and longer life expectancy.

Alcohol dameges to the liver?

It takes many years of heavy drinking to be a cause of liver damage. On the other hand, drinking in moderation benefits the liver.

Is red wine vinegar alcoholic?

No, not at all. Therefore, it doesn't confer any of the health benefits provided by drinking alcohol.

how to stop them from drinking alcohol ?

how to stop them from drinking alcohol

Do the costs of drinking alcohol outweigh the benefits of drinking alcohol?

At modest levels of consumption, this is a matter of personal opinion. I personally don't like the taste of alcohol (about three sips in and I have a bad cottonmouth, plus alcohol is very astringent to me), so the costs of drinking even a bit of alcohol isn't worth it. However, other people like my grandmother enjoy a glass of wine before bed - it doesn't hurt her and brings her pleasure, so the benefits outweigh the risk of drinking a single glass of wine a night. At high levels of consumption, defined as more than 3 drinks per day, the risks start to outweigh the benefits pretty quick. High levels of alcohol consumption can cause addiction, dependency, liver damage, weight gain, social and familial dysfunction and depression. There are no known medical benefits of consuming this much alcohol either. There may be some social benefit, particularly among young drinkers in the United States, but this tends to disappear by the time you are 30 and there is a small social stigma against those who consume alcohol to excess. Overall, the risks of high volume alcohol consumption outweigh the benefits (what benefits there are).

What is the negative connotation of drinking?

When you say "drinking", it carries the connotation of drinking alcohol, drinking alcohol to excess, and becoming addicted to it.

What are 2 benefits of staying away from situations where alcohol is present?

Avoiding situations in which alcohol is present will help you stay alcohol free and help you avoid related risks, like being injured by someone who has been drinking.

What is the difference between drinking wine and other beverages with alcohol?

First, wine is alcohol. So drinking alcohol is no different than drinking wine.

What is a bibulation?

A bibation is an act of drinking, especially alcohol.

Why do you have a fever after drinking alcohol?

Some people develop a fever after drinking alcohol due to alcohol withdrawal. Withdrawal happens when one is drinking regularly, and suddenly stops.

What chemicals does drinking alcohol have?

Alcohol, chemically known as ethanol, is the primary active ingredient in alcoholic beverages. It is produced through the fermentation of sugars by yeast. Other chemicals may be present in certain types of alcohol, such as congeners which are byproducts of fermentation and contribute to the taste and aroma of the drink.

What is in drinking alcohol?

Drinking alcohol is called ethanol, and it contains carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. (C6H5OH)