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Q: What are the benefits of being an unorganized territory?
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What act declared Puerto Rico an unorganized territory?

Foraker Act

Which parallel marked the border between the unorganized territory and Canada?

nonsense question.

What was Oregon before it was Oregon?

It was unorganized territory or it belonged to the french. No clue really. LOL

Who owns midway island?

Midway atoll is an unorganized and unincorporated territory of the United States; jurisdiction and control: U.S. Department of Interior

What was the number of US territories in the US in 1860?

In 1860 there were seven US territories. The list includes:1. Unorganized Oklahoma2. Unorganized territory just west of Minnesota3. Kansas Territory4. Nebraska Territory5. New Mexico Territory6. Utah Territory7. Washington Territory

Whose opinion was that the southern states in 1865 should be treated as any other unorganized territory?

Charles Sumner

Who was affected by the Missouri Compromise?

The Missouri Compromise affected the area in the former Louisiana Territory, except within the boundaries of the state of Missouri. It was a compromise that prohibited slavery within the territory.

What is Unorganized Kenora District's population?

The population of Unorganized Kenora District is 7,031.

Which territory was adjacent to the slave state of Missouri?

In 1860, the following territories and States were bordered with Missouri;A. States of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Iowa. B. Territories were Kansas and Nebraska and the land now known as Oklahoma was called an "unorganized" territory.

Why is a unorganized shop dangerous?

avto body repair why is a cluttered, unorganized shop dangerous?

What is the population of Unorganized North Cochrane District?

The population of Unorganized North Cochrane District is 3,064.

What is the population of Unorganized South Nipissing District?

The population of Unorganized South Nipissing District is 80.