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Q: What are the bad effects of detergent?
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Effects of the detergent on the dirty clothes?

what are the effects of detergents on clothes

Why is phosphorus bad in detergent?

algal bloom will be resulted

What is the advantages of detergents?

detergent resiist the effects of acidic nature of water and its hardness.

Is it bad to inhale laundry detergent?

yes all of the chemicals are very bad for you! they can possibly kill you!

What are the bad effects of onanism?

There are no bad physical effects of masturbation.

What are the side effects of ingesting laundry detergent?

Ingesting laundry detergent can make a person very sick to their stomach. Nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain will likely be symptoms.

Bad effects of burning woods?

the bad effects of wood to people

What are the bad effects of camera?

If you think rationally there are no bad effects of camera.

What would happen if you smoke laundry detergent?

Smoking laundry detergent is ultimately harmful to your body's physiology. You won't get high and, unless you smoke enough, it won't have any effects other than a bad cough. It WON'T remove toxins from your lungs and it ISN'T recommended by any means. There are MANY cases where illegal drugs are shipped in detergent and smoked afterwards with trace amounts of detergent in the narcotic. Other than a bad after taste, the detergent did not alter the user's intoxication negatively or positively. So smoking detergent will not do anything except potentially harm the person trying to attempt such a ridiculous feat. That being said, powdered detergent acts as any dust would in the lungs and air ways of a human body. "Smoking" it MAY not harm you but inhaling the powder and all of it's chemicals could cause potentially serious health risks. The "smoke" might not hurt you but the detergent itself has the potential to.

Which detergent is good for in bad or salty water?

Sorry butIDK (I don't know)

Is it bad to bathe yourself using laundry detergent?

Yes... Captain obvious.

Have you had any bad effects on the zambezi river?

No, I have not had any bad effects on the Zambesi River.