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Q: What are the bad effects expansion?
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Ideas about isolation and expansion effects nation and history?

There are a few ideals about isolation and expansion effects that made history. The main thing is for America to have great power.

What are the bad effects of onanism?

There are no bad physical effects of masturbation.

Bad effects of burning woods?

the bad effects of wood to people

What are the bad effects of camera?

If you think rationally there are no bad effects of camera.

Have you had any bad effects on the zambezi river?

No, I have not had any bad effects on the Zambesi River.

What are the bad effects of peer groups?

peer pressure

What are the bad and good effects of mechanical energy?

mechanical energy good effects: no waste Bad Effects: over use can harm

What are some good and bad effects of watching anime?

Good effects - It can keep you entertained Bad effects - You may become a weeaboo

What are the effects of hot water on an object?

Expansion. Depends on the object's composition though.

What were effects of the proclamation of 1763?

The effect was it closed off the frontier to colonial expansion.

Does making yourself come has bad effects on your body?

There are no adverse effects except bad spelling and grammar.

What good effects and bad effects on estuaries?

the good effects on a estuary is the amountof animals and plants it gets. the bad effects are when the animals harm the estuaries and when the water is harmful in the ocean