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Capacitive sensors are used mainly to detect proximity, usually that of people. The operating principle is that the capacitance of the capacitor varies as material comes between the two plates of the capacitor, and you can determine the presence of something via the measurement of the capacitance.

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A Transducer is a device used to change a mechanical property to an electrical one. Or vice versa.

Common transducers in everyday use would be a microphone and a loudspeaker. They change movement of air to an electrical signal.

Transducers are also used in weighing scales, where a bending moment caused by the weight, is changed to an electrical signal to run the display or other control devices.

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Transducer changes energy type from one form to another. Example: Light energy to electrical, your ear probably change sound energy to chemical or electrical energy that your brain processes.

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Q: What are the applications of a capacitive transducer?
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Compared to the inductive type of transducer capacitive transducer is superior for the measurement of displacement because of?

High frequency response

Advantage of capacitive transducer?

1. construction is very simple. 2. cost of the transducer is low. 3. Has very high sensitivity.

The dynamic characteristics of capacitive transducer are similar to those of?

high pass filter

What is capacitive transducer?

It is device that will sense the environment in a form of capacitor changes. Usually an oscillator will sense this change and change frequency accordingly

What is the purpose of a pressure transducer?

A pressure transducer measures pressure, specifically that of gases or liquids. Such pressure sensors are used in the measurement and control of thousands of everyday applications. A pressure transducer is just that; a transducer - it generates a signal due to the pressure imposed.

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List of active transducer?

thermocouple,piezoelectric transducer,photoelectric transducer.

Who invented transducer?

transducer was invented by

LBDT is used as which transducer?

displacement transducer

What is prncipal of transducer?

The basic principle of a transducer: A transducer which converts a physical quantity to the electrical quantity.

What type of transducer Is potentiometer?

what type of transducer potentiometer

What is pressure transducer?

please give a simple defineatoin of transducer.