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Q: What are the answers to 39 clues online game?
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What do the money bonus cards do on 39 clues?

You can use them for the 39 clues tabletop game double cross. Also if you enter them on online, they are part of your card collection.

How do you get more card codes for 39 clues?

I played that game. You have to solve the clues online. But if you want the hand held card. You have to go and buy the 39 clues books. There should be 10 books.

What is the place on the departure board in mission 6 on the 39 clues online game?


What is the 2nd clue in the 39 clues?

Online, the second clue in the 39 clues is hydrogen. But in the second book of the 39 clues is tungsten

What are the 39 clues card answers?

You have to find out what the answers are in the cards itself.

Is there a code to unlock all 39 clues in the game The 39 Clues?

nooo not really

What is the answers for the cards on the 39 clues?

P3f6gf93xp P4636GJRXP

What are the answers to 39 clues the black curcle?


Answers to the 39 clues cards?

I need help with that.

How Can You Be a Madrigal in The 39 Clues online?

You can become a madrigal by finishing mission ten but to do that you have to have all 39 clues.

What are the cheat codes second mission 39 clues?

There is no cheat in any 39 clues game!

What are the cheat codes for mission 6 in the 39 clues?

There is no cheat in any game in the 39 clues.