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The spleen doesn't metabolize alcohol, the liver does. So not having a spleen won't change how you react to alcohol.

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Q: What are the affects of alchol consumption with no spleen?
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How does alchol affect the brain?

Alchol affects the the brain by killing brain cells

Does marijuana use effect your spleen?

it affects it by, when it gets to your spleen, it exploses

Can previcox be taken with bedadryl?

monoaxicillan with alchol what are the side affects

When is the spleen removed during a pancreatectomy?

If the disease affects the splenic artery or vein, the spleen is also removed.

What harm is done by drinking alchol?

It affects weight and harms the liver

What are the alchol side effects?

A major side effect of excessive alcohol consumption is dehydration.

What is the alchol consumption age in Prague?

Legal drinking age in Prague and in the whole Czech Republic is 18 years.

Why small population have high energy consumption?

The use of cars affects to the high energy consumption as well as the electric heating.

Is splenomegaly present in dengue fever?

Yes, it can. The viruses affects the production of platelets and the spleen is important in recycling the blood.

What can happen to man who's been drinking whiskey for 30 years?

He dies of liver poiusining from excessive alchol consumption.

Which part of the brain is affected by alchol?

It affects the cerebellum which is in charge of balance and the frontal lobes.

What are the dangers or harmful consequesces of using alchol?

Consuming alchol has been shown to kill off brain cells. It has also been proven to kill off the liver if too much has been consumed. The human liver can process only so much alchol before it shuts down. Consumption can also lead to birth defects if you are pregnent and drink.