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The advantage of having a queen size mattress is the space. There is more room to stretch out.

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Q: What are the advantages of having a queen size mattress?
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Is a full size mattress the same as a queen size?

No a full size mattress and a queen size mattress aren't the same. The full size isn't as wide as the queen size bed. Although you can't really tell merely by looking, but the size of the beds are different.

What are the different dimensions of a queen size mattress and a king size mattress?

A king size mattress is 76" wide x 80" long and the queen size is 16" less than the king size.

Is there a mattress between a queen size and a king?

The mattress is full I believe

What is the mattress size for a queen mattress?

its 60W X 80L (in inches)

How much does a queen size mattress and box spring weigh?

The average queen size mattress weighs between 90 and 110 pounds. The average queen size box springs for the mattress weighs is between 60 to 105 pounds.

What size is RV queen mattress?

The size of RV queen mattress is 74"W x 60"D x 8"H.

What are the dimensions of a queen size mattress?

Queen size mattresses are approximately 60 inches long by 60 inches wide. The depth of the mattress varies depending on the mattress brand, and whether the mattress has a pillow top or not.

Full mattress size?

Full mattresses are the size between a twin and a queen size mattress. A full mattress measures 54 by 75 inches.

What size is a queen size mattress?

60" x 80"

Where can one find mattresses that have queen size?

Just about all mattress and furniture stores offer queen sizes. The queen size mattress has become a standard size bed. Sears, JC Penny's, and Macy's offer queens. Specialty manufacturer, Sealy and Serta both offer the queen size mattress.

Queen mattress measurements?

A queen mattress has measurements of 60 inches by 80 inches. A king size mattress is 76 inches by 80 inches.

What is the size difference between a full mattress and a queen mattress?

Queen sized mattress are 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full sized mattress.