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There there are many. Simple microscope, compound microscope, light microscope, scanning electron microscope, TEMicroscope, Dissection microscope, etc and most of them are used to see small cells that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

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Light compound microscope - Used for both living and sectioned and stained slides. It is limited by the resolution.

Scanning electron microscope - Uses a beam of electrons to scan an object magnifying the image many times more than a light microscope. It requires some specialized equipment to prepare the specimens for observation but has the advantage of observing large specimens. It can't be used to observe living things.

Transmission electron microscope - Uses a beam of electrons to form an image of a specimen thousands of time higher magnification than either the light compound microscope and scanning electron microscope. It has to have very thin, killed, fixed and stained specimens.

Light, Dissecting, Electron
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Optical microscope which uses light to image the sample

Electron microscope

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light compound microscope, phase microscope, scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope

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Q: What are the Kinds of microscopes and their uses?
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What is best viewed under a microscope paramecium earthworm or grasshopper?

those are for two different kinds of microscopes. Electron microscopes would be for looking at the paramecium and dissecting microscopes would be necessary for the earthworm and grasshopper.

How do they various kinds of microscopes differ as tools in the study of cells?

electron microscopes can do up to x2 000 000 and must be a very small peice of sample. But it does not show the thing moving just takes an image

What microscope uses visible light?

The light microscope uses visible light. Light microscopes are what are usually used in science classrooms.

What is an advantage of light microscopes compared to electron microscopes is that light microscopes?

Light microscopes allow you to view living specimens and electron microscopes do not allow this.

How do microscopes differ from electron microscopes?

The microscopes one would think of in a college or high school biology lab are optical microscopes (ie: compound and stereo microscopes) and use light and glass optics in the eyepieces and objective lenses to obtain higher levels of magnification than the human eye can achieve. An electron microscope uses a beam of, you guessed it, electrons to illuminate and produce a magnified image. Electron microscopes are used when the specimens are too small for optical microscopes as they have wavelengths around 100,000 times shorter than visible light and can achieve magnification levels of up to 10,000,000x.