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Q: What are the Dimensions of health education?
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What are the dimensions of health?

There are seven dimensions of health. These dimensions include occupational health, emotional health, spiritual health, intellectual or mental health, social health, environmental health, as well as physical health.

What has the author Lucille Lombardi Travis written?

Lucille Lombardi Travis has written: 'SELECTED DIMENSIONS OF ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS AS PERCEIVED BY ADMINISTRATIVE LEADERS OF NURSING PROGRAMS IN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES' -- subject(s): Administration Education, Education, Administration, Education, Higher, Health Sciences, Nursing, Higher Education, Nursing Health Sciences

Identify which three of the six dimensions of health are your strongest?

Identify three of the six dimensions of health that are your strongest.

What are the dimensions of health and its meaning?

All 6 dimensions are Nickleback.

What is social dimensions of educations?

social demension is a cheeche of education

How do you know that you have health dimensions?

you can measure it with a ruler.

How do you know that you have a health dimensions?

you can measure it with a ruler.

What are the three dimension of health?

The three dimensions of health are: - physical - mental and - social.

What are the dimensions of health how they relate to wellness?

There are 6 dimensions, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Intellectual Health, Spiritual Health, Environmental Health, and Social Health How they interconnect adn affect each other is pretty self explanatory, for example, if you lack in emotional health, you might be depressed and that will cause you to stay in more which will affect your Physical Health. The key thing you want to know is what these 6 dimensions are, and that none of these components of wellness work in isolation, all six work closely together. If you know that, you'll easily know how they interconnect each other

What are the 5 demensions of health?

the five dimensions of health arephysical healthmental healthspiritual healthsocial healthemotional health

What are the basic dimensions of education?

The basic dimensions of education typically include cognitive development (knowledge acquisition, critical thinking), social development (interaction with peers, collaboration), emotional development (self-awareness, empathy), and physical development (health and wellness). These dimensions work together to support holistic learning and growth in individuals.

What issues were most interested African-Americans Politicans on the local level?

Education and public health