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it keeps you warm but if the radiation gets too intense

you die because you are so hot

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Q: What are the Bad and good effects of radiation?
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Good and bad effects of radiation on human health?

The good about radiation is it can stop the abnormally growing cells in cancer,and radiation will let us visuallized the entire human body. Disadvantage with radiation when in great amount can cause sterility.

What are the effects of the japan earthquake on the pacific ocean?

There is really bad radiation!

What are the good and bad effects of metals?

good effects of metals

What are the bad and good effects of mechanical energy?

mechanical energy good effects: no waste Bad Effects: over use can harm

What are some good and bad effects of watching anime?

Good effects - It can keep you entertained Bad effects - You may become a weeaboo

What are the effects of having good and bad ozone?

Good ozone in the stratosphere protects us from harmful UV radiation. Bad ozone in the troposphere, created by pollution, can cause respiratory issues and contribute to smog formation.

Why radiation workers are higher dose exposure limitsis this good or bad?

Radiation is in fact bad for the human body.

Is nuclear radiation a bad or a good thing?

Nuclear radiation is neither good nor bad, it is a natural phenomenon. Natural phenomena cannot be good or bad (this is an ethical/moral judgement), they are simply facts.

What are the example of technology that give bad effects?

mobile phones giving out microwave radiation.

Is radiation good bad?

radiation is bad because it can kill people or if there is a lady who has a baby after, the baby might be mis-shapen

What types of radiation are bad?

Radiation is neither good nor bad. All types of radiation can be useful for some purpose, but many can be harmful in overdose conditions.

What good effects and bad effects on estuaries?

the good effects on a estuary is the amountof animals and plants it gets. the bad effects are when the animals harm the estuaries and when the water is harmful in the ocean