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advantage of clean city

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Q: What are the Advantages of cleaning?
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Can you suggest two advantages of recycling the solvents used in the dry-cleaning process?

It has been proven that there are many advantages to recycling chemicals used in cleaning processes every day. Two advantages to recycling the cleaning solvents used in the dry cleaning process would be to save the environment and to reduce the cost of this cleaning process.

What are the advantages of having a house cleaning maid?

you do not need to work

What are the advantages of owning a shop vacuum?

Shop vacuums do a better job of cleaning large debris.

Is vinegar good for cleaning carpets?

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner. You can use it to clean a number of stains from coffee to pet stains. Vinegar has multiple advantages with cleaning. It is very effective and powerful cleaner too.

What are the advantages of installing an outdoor sink near a garden?

The advantages of installing an outdoor sink near a garden is an unlimited supply of water. This can be for maintaining the plants, lawn and also for cleaning up after gardening.

What are the advantages of home steam cleaners?

The advantages of cleaning with a home steam cleaner include the extermination of small life such as dust mites and germs. Also if used correctly, they can remove odors and stains.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of iodine in cleaning the kitchen?

It is a great disinfectant if used in the right concentration. Unfortunately, the downside is staining of plastics or surfaces.

What are the advantages to using PERC dry-cleaning?

- liquid wastes are avoided- drying is rapid and simple- no need of rinsing- frequently no need of ironing

What was the advantages of the cotton gin over cleaning cotton by hand?

Advantage of the cotton gin was to speed up and have a more efficient production of cotton.

What are advantages and disadvantages of refrigerator?

Advantages: it keeps your food cold and makes it last longer. Disadvantages: it's a pain when it gets full of food and you have nowhere to put the rest of your food. It also sucks cleaning under a fridge.

Advantages of using soap?

Soap helps remove germs and dirt from people and objects. There are many forms of soap from body soaps to cleaning supplies.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a mechanical mouse?

Advantages: - Works on glossy surfaces such as glass Disadvantages: - May not work on overly soft or non-uniform surfaces - Requires frequent cleaning