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i dont know!

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Q: What are the 5 root functions of science and technology?
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10 branches of science and technology?

Science 1. Life science 2. Astrophysics 3. Astronamy 4. Physics 5. Matter 6. Natural Resources 7. Chemistry 8. Anatomy 9. Health Science 10. Animal Kingdom

What are the importance and contribution of science in society and industry?

The importance of science and technology in contemporary society is demonstrated in the daily lives of people. Science and technology is used for cooking, learning, working, and carrying out most tasks.

5 benefits of science and technology to society?

Improving your heath, providing new knowledges, raising of salaries, more leisure time, more time to love.

How does cereal companies employ life scientist and physical scientist?

activity includes an experiment that employs the scientific method steps of investigation, specifically: 1. Observe 2. Predict 3. Experiment 4. Find a solution 5. Communicate results The five modules are: 1. Cereal Story (everyday physical science) 2. Fog Delay (everyday earth science) 3. Eye Spy (everyday life science) 4. Tech Trek (everyday science and technology) 5. Get Reading, Get Recycling … GROW! (environmental science and personal social perspective enhancement) Each module primarily meets one branch of science taught in U.S. primary and secondary schools. Branches covered are physical science, including chemistry; earth science; science and technology; life science; and personal and social perspectives.

Simplify the algebraeically the square root of 20?

20 is 5x4 so we can simplify it like this: ____ ______ / = / \/ 20 \/ 5 x 4 Also note that: ____ / = 2 \/ 4 So... ____ ____ / = / \/ 20 2 \/ 5

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Give 5 advantages of science and technology?

give 5 advantages and disavantages of technology

What are 5 most important advantages of science and technology?


What is the inverse operation of exponential functions?

Square roots? for example, 5 to the 2 is the square root of 5. 6 to the 3 is the cubed root of 6.

How should science and technology be popularized?

Alot of kids use technology so 2/5 of the world

What are 5 examples with the root sci?

science, scientist, scientific, sciences, scientists

What has the author Les Asselstine written?

Les Asselstine has written: 'Science everywhere 1' -- subject(s): Science, Juvenile literature, Technology, Study and teaching (Primary) 'Science everywhere 5' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Science, Technology 'Science everywhere 2' -- subject(s): Science, Juvenile literature, Technology, Study and teaching (Primary), Experiments 'Science everywhere K' -- subject(s): Science, Study and teaching (Primary), Experiments, Technology

Top 5 astronautical engineering colleges in India?

indian institute of space and science technology

What are the 5 products of science and technology?

5 Examples of Technology You Can Use Now Smartphones Automatic lights Activity and health monitoring Tablet computers Automated cabinets

What are 5 importance's of science and technology?

Life has become much more advanced because of science and technology. Travelling has become easier and faster; communication has become easier, faster and cheaper; the standard of living has increased with the increase in technology; humans have become much more sophisticated and advanced with new technologies; and medicine has become extremely advanced with both science and technology.

I need help solving the square root of ten divided by ten using exponential functions?


What societal concern does Mary shelleys Frankenstein address?

Society's fear of science

Top 5 colleges in dasmariñas cavite that offer a course of computer technoloy?

national college of science and technology