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There are more than 4 types of cells in the human body. There are about 200 different types of cells. Each cell has a different function.

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Q: What are the 4 type of cells in the human body?
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4 cell types found in the human body?

there are alot more than 4 types but heres 4: blood cells, muscle cells, neurons( nerve cells), skin cells

How much bacteria is in a body?

It is now known that a human body possesses more bacterial cells on its internal and external 'surfaces' than the total number of human body [somatic] cells that make it up : which is 200 trillion human cells per body.

What is the name given to all the cell parts?

In the human body they are 4 different types of cells

How long can you without oxygen?

The human body can last about 3-4 minutes before cells begin to die.

What is the 4 structural units of the human body?

Cells to Tissues to Organs to Organ Systems to Organism and sometimes to Population

How many different cell types are in the human body?

200 types of cells in the human body. Catorgorized into three separate groups. All 200 different types carry out their own specific functions.Reply* There is no proof about how many cells there is in a human body.. iv'e studied the human body and this is a unmodified answer.

Which condition would most likely result in a human body being unable to defend itself against pathogens and cancerous cells?

4. the presence in the body of the virus that cuases AIDS

What body part does a human have of 4?


Where are the 4 pressure points in the human body?

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Does medusa have a snake body or a human body?

i think she has a human body but snakes on her waist or somthin... not sure but she does have snakes 4 hair.....

How is the body constructed with the essential red blood cell?

Red blood cells are the most abundant cells in human blood. Their primary function is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the cells of the body. In men, there are an average of 5 million RBCs per cubic millimeter and in women there are an average of 4 million RBCs per cubic millimeter.

How much blood is in the the human heart?

4-5 ltrs in human body.