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love life a heart and brain because without those you'd die in a matter of seconds

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Q: What are the 3 things a person cannot live without?
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Why a person cannot live without the kidneys?

no a person cannot live without there kidneys with out medical help

Can a person live with out a liver?

No a person cannot live without a liver

Can you talk without your trachea?

No.....A person cannot live without a trachea.

Can a person live without lager intestine?

no they cannot

Can a person live without a muscle?

no. A person cannot live without muscle because you would not be able to survive, plus, your heart is a muscle, and we all know you cant live without that

What are the three things that you cannot live without?

Phone, PC and WiFi

Disscus that cell is unit of life?

without cell living things cannot live

Why do living things and machines need energy?

living things need energy because they cannot live longer without energy

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I can't live without youI cannot live without you

What do you say when a guy says What a cute thing like you doing without a boyfriend?

I am just waiting.... for the right person that cannot live without me.

How do you live without you?

you basically cannot live

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yes,as we cannot live without the sun.this proves that light is the mist essential.