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Q: What are teenagers like at a certain age?
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What is the age for teenagers get a job in California?

16 teen like as a waitress and all that

Do mindless behavior like young girls?

They Like Young Girls and teenagers from age 11-17

At what age do usually boys said 'I like you' to his crush?

well, if you ask me, i would say that at the age of 13 and above. why? they're teenagers.

Why do teenagers need privacy?

Teenagers need a certain amount of privacy in order to be able to begin acting independently. In this day and age, computer and phone use, are often considered part of that and parents need to judiciously monitor what is going on.

What is the Legal age of maturity in Texas?

The age of majority in Texas is 18. Unfortunately, maturity has nothing to do with age and many 25 year olds still act like irresponsible teenagers.

What age do teenagers get pregnant most?


How many teenagers actually have a mobile phone?

Well, at the moment, in the UK, I would confidently say over 70%+ of teenagers over the age of 12 will have a mobile phone.

Are teenagers exempt from paying certain taxes?

None that I know of.

What is the curfew in Alliance Ohio?

The curfew in Alliance Ohio is midnight for teenagers age 16 to 18. The curfew is 1030 pm for teenagers age 13 to 16.

What age can teenagers work at the vets in Australia?


What age group has the most car crashes?


Can you love somebody who is 7 when you are 8?

Unless they are your sibling, then probably dont know what love is at that age..and neither do teenagers, weather they like it or not.